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When you work with Carolina Benefit Administrators, you keep 100% ownership of your business. We provide support, guidance and branding to help you take care of your customers and succeed.

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As an independent agent working with Carolina Benefit Administrators, you’ll be able to help your clients close gaps in coverage and offset high premiums and out-of-control healthcare costs by purchasing affordable supplemental and ancillary insurance products, either separately or paired with their traditional health coverage.


Here’s what Agents Say About Working With Us:

It’s been my pleasure to work with Fred and CBA for several years. I know many professionals in this industry and I can say Fred is one of the best. To say that he is knowledgeable about our healthcare industry doesn’t do him justice. He’s a walking history of our industry from past to present. However, his value to me is in his understanding and expertise in today’s healthcare marketplace. He is aware of and well versed in the products, trends, and challenges facing agents today. His recommendations and advice are spot-on and show a true understanding of the needs of those marketing health and other insurance products here in NC.

Ken Lang, Agent/Broker, Greenville, North Carolina

I have been working with Fred Joyner and CBA for a few years. Not only is Fred honest and forthright, but the plans and ideas he has shared with me have saved my clients time, effort, and premium dollars. His knowledge of self-funding/level-funding is unparalleled because of his TPA background.

In addition, the extra effort he provides, when I need his help, is far more than the largest brokerage houses could or would provide. Imagine a TPA misplacing an application from a client but the GA has it on hand. Fred wants to get his hands dirty and for that I am grateful. I would recommend working with Fred and CBA to anyone in the industry.

David Block, Insurance Broker/Consultant, Candler, NC