Health Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance Quotes

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Medical bills can wipe a family out, and health insurance premiums, both on and off the ACA Marketplace, have more than tripled in the last decade. We offer an extensive selection of non-ACA insurance products, including some of the most innovative and fastest growing specialty health solutions available.  These solutions were developed as a good alternative to expensive ACA plans, and are designed to protect you and your family’s physical health and financial wellness, without breaking the bank.

BEFORE YOU BUY:  If you qualify for a subsidy, live in a state that mandates insurance or have a pre-existing condition that requires you to use a lot of health services, you may want to consider purchasing an an ACA Marketplace Plan.

Short Term Health

Enroll any time of year

Enroll today, get covered tomorrow

Covers sudden illness or injury

36 month policy in some states

Hospital Insurance Plan

Enroll any time of year

Pays cash benefits directly to you, if desired

Covers hospital stays and confinement

Option to add surgical services

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Inpatient/Outpatient Surgical Services Included

Guaranteed Renewable

Covers hospital stays and confinement

Critical Illness benefit included

Gap Insurance

Enroll any time of year

Critical Illness & Accident benefits included

Pays high deductibles up to $10,000  

Acceptance Guaranteed

Accident/Critical Illness

Enroll any time of year

Includes hospital stay, disability income & AD&D benefit

Covers sudden illness or injury

Pays cash benefits directly to you

Fusion (Combo) Plans

Enroll any time of year

Includes impatient/outpatient surgical

Combines hospital indemnity, critical illness & accident insurance

Maximum benefit to $2,000,000

Telemedicine Plan

Enroll any time of the year

Save on alternative health & wellness

Eliminates ER, Doctor & Urgent Care Visits

Add health discount plan option

Health Discount Plan

Enroll any time of year

Save on prescriptions, medical supplies & more

Telemedicene + Wellness Savings Plan

Includes limited mental health

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Individual and Family Dental Plans

Receive services In-network with more than 130,000 providers nationwide and never be billed for any charges above the allowed amount, or maximum allowable charge.

Dental insurance is an important part of protecting the overall health of you and your family.  Studies have shown that regular dental exams not only prevent cavities and optimize oral health, but help to also detect serious underlying medical conditions. Some studies have even shown that people who have dental coverage suffer less from depression, than those who do not have coverage.

  • Low $0 to $20 copays

  • Low $50 annual deductible

  • 100% of X-Rays, Cleanings and Diagnostic Covered

2020 Health Insurance Options

Do you have to buy health insurance? Do you need comprehensive coverage? Is the Marketplace right for you? Are there more affordable options for health insurance?

The answers to these questions depend on your specific needs, where you live, and your risk tolerance for paying a large medical claim on your own.

What is the Marketplace?

The  public health insurance Marketplace (also referred to as an “Exchange”) is where you can purchase health insurance (also known as Obama Care) for you and your family.  A plan from the marketplace is considered a comprehensive major medical plan and also contains the essential health benefits as established under the ACA law.  When you purchase your health insurance through the marketplace, you are guaranteed issue regardless of any pre-existing condition and you may be eligible for a subsidy (premium tax credit) to help off-set high premiums.

It’s important to know that you can only purchase your health insurance during the annual open enrollment which is November 1, 2019 to December 15th of each year, or unless you qualify for the special enrollment period.

Affordability of the Marketplace

40 Yr Old Subsidized Premium: $45K income Unsubsidized Premium: $50K income
Bronze $227 (6% of income) $340 (8% of income) 
Silver $340 (9% of income) $453 (11% of income)
Gold $402 (11% of income) $515 (12% of income)
The above table shows a $5,000 variation in annual income results in substantial increase in premium costs, at the subsidy cut-off threshold of $48,560.

Is the Marketplace right for you?

Currently, most people are not required to purchase health insurance.  The ACA “shared responsibility payment” and the individual mandate has been eliminated by the Trump Administration for 2019 and beyond.  However, some states have established their own individual mandates, so you still may may be subject to your specific state tax penalty, if any.

If you need comprehensive coverage however, you may consider purchasing an ACA plan, but, without a subsidy, you may not be able to afford it.  Between 2014 and 2017, insurance premiums for Obama Care rose between 99% and 140%.  While premiums for Obama Care have decreased in many states this past year (2019), the lowest cost plan, a bronze plan, is still unaffordable for most people who do not qualify for subsidies.  Studies show that middle income earners, aged 40+, do not qualify for subsidies and pay around 10% of their income for comprehensive health coverage.

For those at or just over the subsidy threshold, costs can be dubious.  Just an additional $5,000 in income (subject to federal and state taxes) results in an additional $1,356 in annual premium for a bronze plan. That zaps up nearly a third of that additional income for premiums.

What will it cost you without health insurance?

  • Torn ALC – $20K to $50K
  • Leg Fracture – $17K to $35K
  • Slipped or Fractured Vertebra – $80K to $150K
  • Herniated Disc – $20K to 50K
  • Appendectomy – $10K to $35K
  • Chemotherapy – $10K to $200K
  • Breast Cancer – $100K to $300K
  • Lung Cancer – $250K +
  • Stroke – $20K to 50K
  • Heart Attack – $20K to $200K
Note:  These are general costs.  Specific costs depend on location, provider, whether anesthesia is used,  if surgeries are laparoscopic or open, and complications, if any,
Data obtained from

An affordable Non-ACA Plan will protect your finances and allow you time to focus on getting better should you suffer an accident or sudden illness.

If you’re not facing a tax penalty, you might want to consider non-ACA health insurance.

Why go without health insurance?  An unexpected illness or accident could wipe you out financially.  In fact, according to a new study 66.5% of all personal bankruptcies that were filed were due to illnesses and accidents leaving individuals unable to work and strapped with medical bills.

Non-ACA alternatives such as Short Term Health Insurance, and/or Critical Care or Hospital Indemnity Plans will cost you about a third of what an unsubsidized major medical plan costs, and will protect your finances so you can focus on your health and getting better, should you have an accident or unexpected illness.

Why Non-ACA Plans Cost Less Why a Non-ACA Plan May Be a Good Option
Your acceptance is not guaranteed, and policies are medically underwritten plans that typically do not provide preventative care Non-ACA plans are more affordable because, unlike ACA plans,  you are not paying for coverage you don’t need.  And, while you may be able to choose your own doctors, you may save more for using in-network providers.
You may have higher deductibles, with capped annual benefit limits You can customize your benefit policy, select different levels of coverage or bundle your insurance to include other types coverage.
Policies are not available in all states If you missed open enrollment, you can apply year round for non-ACA plans.  In many states, policies are available for up to 36 months, eliminating the need to reapply each year and go through medical underwriting again.