The CBA Advantage

Providing a self-funding option to your current and future group clients.

CBA has several self-funding partners/plans available to you and your clients with multiple plan designs and price points, including Referenced Based Pricing (RBP) options, to help your clients make the move to level/partial self-funding for their group benefit plans.

Getting quotes from multiple carriers/TPA’s can be a daunting task as the advisor for your clients with various formats and terminology.

CBA can make your job much easier:

CBA is well-versed in the structure and implementation of level-funded insurance. We help you position level-funded plans to the right clients, so you can close more sales.

CBA has strong ties with carrier/TPA networks to help guide you in choosing the right level-funded insurance carrier/TPA for your clients’ needs. Plus, our deep knowledge of carrier processes can make selling level-funded health insurance plans a seamless process.

From helping you with preliminary quotes and submitting applications to underwriting and assisting with the renewal process, our full-service general agency is here to help make sure your cases are submitted accurately and on time.

We make it easy for you by obtaining multiple quotes.

We provide you a quick glance summary of the plans and monthly costs offered by each of our self-funding partners so you don’t have to wade through multiple pages of brochures and documents to help you advise your client on whether self-funding is the right solution for them, so you don’t have to wade through multiple pages of brochures and documents unless you want to.

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CBA has the following outlets/partners for self-funding to offer you and your clients multiple plan options and price points:

Amerishare (ATA) – Administered by American Trust Administrators (ATA)
Health-e-Choices, Administered by Regional Care Inc. (RCI)
IHC Simplified Funding Concepts – Administered by Allied Benefit Systems
TCC Benefits Administrator – Administered by TCC Benefits Administrator (TCC)
National General – Administered by Allied Benefit System

All plans can be quoted and written if the total number of full time ee’s (30+hours/week) are at or above 20(NC) and 10(SC) but enrollment is less than that number.

Each plan requires underwriting that can result in 1) Offer 2) Rated up offer 3) Decline- See Summary of Features for details.

Please note: self-funded plans are not for every group. If a group has employees or dependents with serious ongoing medical conditions, a fully insured medical plan may be a better option.